Freeform Lens Technology

Freeform is to lenses what hand tailoring is to clothing. Meeting today’s call of personalization, Optometric Physicians Northwest is integrating freeform progressive lenses into our practice. The freeform lens’ greatest benefit is that because each lens is custom-made to precise measurements and base curves, it requires virtually no adaptation process.

So patients can put them on and wear them easily, immediately without the past “swim and sway” complaints of traditional progressive no-line lenses. Freeform — also known as direct-to-surface or direct lens technology — can create a unique, progressive lens using state-of-the-art surfacing technology.

Freeform lenses are made with specialized equipment combined with exclusive pointsfile software, a sophisticated software program specifically calculated precisely to each Rx, which guides the production of the lenses.

Top Ten Freeform Benefits

  1. They provide maximized visual acuity at all distances.
  2. The intermediate and near zones are wider.
  3. There is minimal visual “swim and sway.”
  4. Levels of unwanted astigmatism are lowered.
  5. Aspheric/atoric designs flatten and thin the lenses and broaden the field of view at all distances.
  6. Placing the progressive portion of the lens on the backside also increases the field of view at all distances.
  7. Since freeform PAL designers recommend fitting heights in the mid-teen range, these lenses will fit in many of today’s smaller frame sizes.
  8. Lens designers have more leeway to create fine-tuned visual enhancements.
  9. Freeform lenses accommodate unusual or atypical Rx’s (i.e., high-cylinderpower, high-minus power), making wearing progressive no-line lenses easier.
  10. Because the lenses are personalized, there are literally millions of unique Rx combinations that are possible.
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